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How To Access OPAC ?

Access Guide for PNM OPAC :
  • Online catalogue searching is available to all and does not require Patron logins
  • Simply click National Library of Malaysia(PNM)'s OPAC
  • Click the 'Enter' button (for English version interface) or 'Masuk' (for Bahasa Malaysia version interface)
  • User can make their searching for library catalogue using either 'Browse Search', 'Keyword Search', 'Advance Search', or 'Other Libraries OPAC Search'.
  • Enter the search keywords and click the 'Search' Button.
  • Search results will be displayed on the screen.
  • User Guidelines for using OPAC are available. Click 'Help' for more information.
  • Clik this url below to access PNM OPAC :

VIRTUA Integrated Library System (VTLS)

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia is currently using the Integrated Library System which is known as VIRTUA (VTLS). Under the VIRTUA Integrated Library System, National Library of Malaysia have built 3 main databases such as follows :
    Contains the bibliographic record for overall collection of the National Library

    Contains the bibliographic record for library collection which are published in Malaysia and deposited by the Malaysian publisher under the Legal Deposit Act Akta Penyerahan Bahan Perpustakaan 1986 (Akta 331) and Book Preservation Act, 1966.

    Contains the indexes of articles from local newspaper, serials and conference papers since 1997.

Directory of Malaysian Libraries have been developed as the database for accessing latest information and statistics about all libraries in Malaysia.

National Library of Malaysia also subscribes to various kinds of commercial databases such as NSTP Online, EBSCO, Ebrary, Bernama BLIS, GMID (Euromonitor), PALMOILIS, SIRIMLINK, BOND and MasticLink.



PNM OPAC-Online Public Access Catalogue